I take short trips of no more than a week: you can decide how many days you want of course, but I suggest at least two in Marrakech and an overnight in Essaouira. Then you might well want to visit some other places - for example the Atlas Mountains or the Ouzoud Waterfalls or the Ourika Valley. I can organise cheap day trips to all of these, but ultimately it's up to you!

Atlas mountain trek

A day in the High Atlas - spectacular mountain passes, soaring peaks, and life in the Berber villages 


When you have had enough of city life and the beach (should this ever happen!) I can arrange a great day up in the High Atlas mountains, with both walking and driving - through some stunning scenery.


We drive first to Imlil, a town which has long been the starting point for many treks into the High Atlas, at 1700m altitude. From here we start a gentle walk up a path through olive groves and walnut trees and many other exotic fruits. After about an hour we arrive at Around, the largest Berber village with a population of 1900 and an altitude of 1900 also!


After completing a circular route which takes about two hours, we drive for an hour to reach the tiny village of Tacheddirt, at 2300m. Here you climb down and through the village's winding alleys to arrive at our lunch destination - a friendly local 'inn', which puts on a spectacular spread of Moroccan salads and tagines. Here you have a chance to relax, taking photos and lying in the sun on the ample terrace after lunch. You can also of course walk around the village and have a look at how the Berbers live up there.


The trip to Imlil only takes 1.5 hours and takes you through what is simply some of the most breathtaking scenery you are ever likely to see. We can stop en route, on the way there and back, if you would like to take photographs, or have short breaks just to take in the tumbling rivers and awe-inspiring mountain gorges.

Ouzoud waterfalls

A trip to visit Africa's second highest 'drop' of water - through olive groves to pools and boats and monkeys!


If you fancy a full day out from Marrakech, we can go by minibus to the Ouzoud Falls, the second biggest 'drop' of water in Africa: here we take a path down through olive groves (ouzoud means olive in the local Berber language) and walnut and apricot trees into the gorge of the falls, where you can first swim in a pond downstream, and then take a boat right up to and almost under the cascading water.


Afterwards, we have lunch at an open-air restaurant overlooking the falls in all their magnificence and then on the return climb out of the gorge we have the chance to see Moroccan baboons scrabbling about in the trees.


It is quite a long drive to the Ouzoud Falls - about three hours from Marrakech - but you will never tire of watching Moroccan life en route and the day leaves you full of lasting and rewarding images.